Isaan hospital probe urged after alleged misdiagnoses lead to deaths

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Non-profit organisation Be One is demanding an investigation into Phra Thong Kham Hospital in the Isaan province of Nakhon Ratchasima following reports of more than 10 patient deaths due to alleged misdiagnoses.

The issue came to light after the death of 15 year old Natdanai, who sustained serious head injuries in a motorcycle accident and was admitted to Phra Thong Kham Hospital. Medical staff reportedly administered paracetamol to Natdanai and left him in pain for nearly seven hours.

Medical workers attempted to transfer Natdanai to another hospital for further treatment but he succumbed to his injuries.

Natdanai’s father shared the story of his son on social media and garnered attention from many Thai netizens and also the families of other victims. The victims’ families then gathered and contacted Be One for help.

A Thai woman informed the organisation and the media that her father, a community leader, went to the hospital complaining of flatulence and constipation. Medical staff allegedly administered three bottles of saline to him, and he later died from an excessive amount of saline.

Another Thai woman reported that her four year old daughter died from appendicitis due to misdiagnosis and delayed treatment.

Be One founder Chalida Palamart revealed to Matichon that more than 10 families contacted her about the hospital. All of their loved ones died from alleged misdiagnoses and treatment at the hospital.

Four to five representatives of each case will visit the Ministry of Public Health with Chalida to file a complaint with the police.

Chalida explained that each family of the victims was curious about the deaths but did not know where they could complain. Their relatives were admitted to the hospital with treatable symptoms, but their conditions worsened during treatment.

Phra Thong Kham Hospital Director Ratcharat Khamsat expressed her condolences for the losses and admitted that the hospital had not yet compensated the families of the deceased in the latest two cases, including the death of Natdanai and the four year old girl.

Ratcharat emphasised that she was willing to participate in the investigation process of the diagnoses and treatments at the hospital. She also asked any family or patients who felt they were treated inappropriately to provide the information to her and the hospital would assist them.

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