Money in the air after gold necklace sold by heartbroken Chinese man

Photo courtesy of Saj Shafique.

A Chinese man surprised shoppers in Huizhou, Guangdong province, China, when he tossed cash in the air upon leaving a jewellery store after the sale of a gold necklace he had bought for his girlfriend. He then nonchalantly walked away without a second glance, leaving passersby astounded.

The owner of the gold jewellery store, Wu, reported that the customer had previously bought the gold necklace for his girlfriend, but following their breakup, he sold it back to the store. He received more than 15,000 yuan (74,000 baht) and threw all of the money into the air immediately after leaving the shop. This act quickly drew the attention of passersby.

Wu added that he later collected the banknotes from the ground and returned them to the man. In response, the man’s family visited the store the next day and purchased another gold necklace, reported Sanook News.

A heated discussion immediately followed news of this bizarre behaviour.

“This guy is so kind, he was afraid that his thrown gold would hurt someone. His ex-girlfriend is also kind, she returned the gold after they broke up.”

“He was heartbroken because he was betrayed.”

“When he reaches middle age, he will look back and say I was stupid.”

“It’s hard to truly think, at least the woman returned the gold to you. Gold is very good. It will never betray you.”

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