Head-on collision: Thai woman’s quest for justice after construction site calamity results in skull fracture

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A Thai woman embarked on a quest for justice after concrete debris from a construction site in Bangkok’s Sathon district came crashing down on her head, resulting in a skull fracture. She is now pressing for more than just the cost of her medical treatment as compensation from the owner of the under-construction building.

The victim, 36 year old Ananya, recounted the traumatic incident to Channel 3. She, her husband, and their four year old daughter were en route to the child’s school on a motorcycle when disaster struck. As they were passing by a construction site on Chan Road, a deluge of concrete from the site plummeted directly onto Ananya’s head.

Ananya’s 40 year old husband, Anucha, described his initial reaction as one of shock and confusion. The calamity unfolded so suddenly that he mistook the falling debris for a gunshot. Amid this chaos, his wife toppled off the motorcycle, accompanied by a thunderous noise. Without delay, he summoned a doctor to the scene.

After ensuring that his wife received immediate medical attention, Anucha returned to the site of the incident and made a startling discovery – concrete debris lay strewn across the very spot where his wife had fallen.

Ananya said she did not realise that her face was covered in blood until her daughter told her. The doctor examined her head and found that her skull had been fractured.

Ananya said she could not walk as before because her left leg was weak. She also started suffering from seizures and is worried that it would get worse in the future.

Ananya explained that the owner of the building paid for her medical expenses but never visited her. She wanted not only medical costs but also compensation from the building owner in case she is unable to care for her daughter and parents due to any future health problems.

Anucha added that Ananya has to be x-rayed again on October 1 because there is still a piece of concrete in her head. He wanted to discuss further compensation for the family with the building owner.

The non-profit organisation Saimai Survive stepped in to help the family seek justice. The organisation’s founder, Ekkaphop Lueangprasert, said the building owner should feel guilty for the incident and provide both financial and emotional support to the victim.

Ekkaphop questioned Bangkok Governor Chadchart Sittipunt on whether the Sathon district chief and the district’s Public Works Department had visited the site or measured the safety standard before issuing a building permit.

The matter has yet to be resolved as the story went to press.

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