Bangkok Grab driver earns 2,000 baht tip for returning lost phone

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A Grab driver’s act of honesty in returning a mobile phone to a customer earned him a generous cash tip, sparking praise and discussion in a popular social media group.

A Grab driver recently shared an experience on the Facebook group GrabCar Drivers Club Thailand, which boasts over 110,000 members, where he recounted being tipped handsomely by a customer. After returning a Chinese customer’s mobile phone that had been left in his vehicle, the driver was surprised to receive a cash tip of 2,000 baht (US$55), a reward that far exceeded his expectations for the day, reported Sanook.

“I drove from Khlong Sam to return a phone to a Chinese customer at Sukhumvit Soi 2, never thought I’d get a 2,000 baht tip. Today was worth it.”

His story quickly garnered attention within the group, with many members commending the driver for his good deed.

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“This is the reward for doing good.”

“Do good and good will come to you.”

“That’s the fruit of honesty.”

“Happy for you, good people meet good people.”

Others shared similar stories, further highlighting the positive experiences between drivers and customers. One member mentioned receiving a tip of 200 pounds (US$251) from a foreign tourist after returning items left in their car.

In related news, a taxi driver was left startled after a passenger gave him two 500 euro notes as fare for a trip that only cost 677 baht. The passenger, a foreigner, told the driver, “I gave you change,” insinuating he didn’t want any change back.

The driver shared his story in a Facebook group, Thailand Taxi Drivers, which instantly created a buzz. The two 500 euro notes, when converted to Thai currency, have a value of around 37,000 to 38,000 baht, a windfall that exceeds winning a lottery.

Unfortunately, not all taxi drivers in Thailand are as warm, welcoming and honest, as one Japanese man discovered last week.

The Thai taxi driver faces four charges for threatening the Japanese man with a knife after the foreigner refused to use his service because he would not use his meter and demanded 150 baht for a destination only 1 kilometre away.

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