Fatal stabbing in Ban Pong escalates from heated argument

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A fatal stabbing occurred in front of a convenience store in Ban Pong, Ratchaburi, following a heated argument between two women. The incident, which took place at 10.45pm yesterday, January 1, ended tragically as a man attempting to intervene was fatally stabbed.

The crime scene was attended by Ban Pong Police Station Deputy Investigator Suksiri Chansacha along with Ban Pong Police Superintendent Piyapong Wongketuchai. The investigative team was accompanied by a forensic team from Ratchaburi Provincial Police and the Ratchaburi Charity Foundation.

The 67 year old victim, Wanchai from Kanchanaburi, suffered two stab wounds in his chest and one near his left nipple. The assailant, Prasert, a local from Ban Pong, fled the scene on a motorcycle.

An eyewitness, known as Som, reported that Wanchai’s murder occurred amidst a fight between 52 year old Ratana, Prasert’s wife, and 54 year old Pornthiya, a friend of the attacker. The altercation, which happened at the front door of the convenience store, escalated when Prasert intervened, wielding a fruit knife. Wanchai, attempting to stop the fight, was fatally injured.

Ratana revealed that she had left the house with Wanchai and encountered Prasert and Pornthiya at a noodle shop. She had asked Wanchai to follow the pair to observe their behaviour. Their paths crossed again in front of the convenience store, leading to a verbal altercation between Ratana and Pornthiya, which escalated into a physical fight. After the fight was broken up, she discovered that Wanchai had been fatally stabbed by Prasert, reported Khao Sod.

Pornthiya disclosed that she and Prasert were friends and had attended a retro dance event in Tha Maka district. They had an encounter with Ratana and Wanchai, leading to a dispute on the dance floor. She had asked Prasert to take her home, and they ended up at the convenience store. As she walked into the store, Ratana confronted her, leading to the violent altercation.

Pornthiya further revealed that Prasert and Ratana had been living separately for four years. Ratana’s relationship with Wanchai had led Prasert to attempt to divorce her continually. The police are now in pursuit of Prasert to face legal proceedings.

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