Fatal car accident in Chon Buri: BMW crashes, passenger killed

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A fatal car accident in Chon Buri province claimed the life of a passenger and left the driver in critical condition after a BMW reportedly lost control and crashed into a bridge pillar. The incident occurred in the early hours of February 14, when the vehicle, driven by a 26 year old, veered off the road at high speed.

The collision took place on the bypass overpass in Na Pa, Muang district, where the black bronze BMW, bearing a Chon Buri license plate, was found severely damaged on the driver’s side. The driver, identified only by his first name, Apirak, was seriously injured and unconscious, with his legs trapped by the console.

Rescue workers from the Tri Khunatham Foundation swiftly extricated him using specialized equipment, provided initial medical treatment, and transported him to Chon Buri Hospital.

Beside the driver’s seat, emergency responders discovered a deceased male, estimated to be between 25 and 30 years old. The victim had no identification documents on him, and his head injuries were severe. He was promptly removed from the wreckage, reported KhaoSod.

Witnesses to the horrific scene reported that the BMW was driving at an excessive speed, having just accelerated from a traffic light before it struck the footpath and collided with the bridge pillar. The police have initiated a thorough investigation of the driver to determine the appropriate legal actions.

Chon Buri accident
Photo courtesy of KhaoSod

A similar accident was reported in Ayutthaya a month ago. A pickup truck crashed into a local eatery, causing shock and minor injuries. The 30 year old driver, who fell asleep at the wheel, narrowly avoided fatalities as the vehicle missed an electricity pole.

Emergency services responded to the scene near Hantra district, providing medical assistance to the driver before she was transported to Ratchathani Hospital for treatment. The incident led to an investigation by local police and coordination with insurance companies for damage assessment.

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