Ex Thai prisoner convicted of child sex offences willing to be castrated

A high-profile paedophile says he is willing to be castrated to stop him reoffending in the future.

Child sex offender Bradley Pen Dragon announced he is happy to be chemically or physically castrated today after he won his release from a prison in Australia.

The 62 year old will be allowed to leave prison next month subject to more than 60 stringent conditions.

The notorious paedophile previously served a 13-year jail term in Thailand for sexually assaulting a teenage girl before being deported to New South Wales, where his reign of terror continued. He then moved on to Perth where he repeatedly reoffended.

The Aussie received a five-year prison sentence for threatening a woman with a knife as she tried to put her child in a car. Two days after he was released from jail for that offence, Pen Dragon went to a backpacker hostel in Northbridge and searched for child pornography on a computer. It was the fourth time he had been convicted of the offence in Western Australia.

Pen Dragon completed all his sentences in December of last year, but was kept under lock and key while the Supreme Court determined whether he should be declared a high risk.

Justice Larissa Strk made that decision today and stated that any risk of reoffending could be managed by a 10-year supervision order, with 62 conditions.

The conditions include Pen Dragon is monitored electronically, lives at a specified address, subject to a curfew, and provides a verbal or written account of all his proposed movements to his community corrections officer.

He is also banned from having contact with any child under the age of 18 unless it is approved, and is required to undergo psychological and anti-libidinal treatment – chemical castration.

Pen Dragon was originally opposed to being castrated but changed his mind and says is willing to even undergo physical castration, despite there being no such treatment available in Australia.

Dragon is likely to be released from prison in the middle of June.

Source ABC


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