Driver defends parking on bridge after collision injures motorcyclist

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In the aftermath of a collision between a car and a motorcycle, a debate erupted regarding the decision of the sleepy driver to park his pickup on the bridge. At the accident scene, he argued that safety concerns drove his controversial choice.

The incident took place at 6.30am yesterday, June 13 when police officers and rescue teams were called to the scene of a collision on Bang Pakong River Bridge, situated on the inbound side of Chon Buri, near Motorway Road in Bang Pakong District, Chachoengsao Province.

Upon arrival, authorities found a black Honda motorcycle had crashed into the back of a white Toyota pickup truck.

The truck belonged to 32 year Saharat, who had parked it in the middle of the bridge due to fatigue. The crash left 62 year old Wanchai, the motorcycle rider, severely injured and lying on the road.

His wife, 65 year old Romchalee, the passenger, sustained minor scrapes and bruises. Emergency responders provided first aid before transporting both individuals to Bang Pakong Hospital.

Saharat explained to the police that he had become extremely drowsy while driving and felt it was unsafe to continue. He decided to stop and rest on the bridge, believing this location was the safest option as it would be more visible to oncoming traffic.

He argued that parking at the foot of the bridge or on the roadside would have posed a greater risk of being unseen by approaching vehicles.

The police plan to conduct further investigations to determine the precise circumstances and to establish whether Saharat’s actions were indeed the best course of action under the circumstances, reported KhaoSod.

The incident has raised concerns about road safety and the choices drivers make when faced with fatigue. Motorists are reminded of the importance of choosing safe places to stop if they feel unable to continue driving, emphasising the need for clearly visible and safe parking spots to prevent accidents.

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