DDC says Covid-19 vaccine side effects, allergic reactions rare

A director from Thailand’s Department of Disease Control says there have been very few cases reported of side effects from Covid-19 vaccines. The director told the Bangkok Post out of the 120 million vaccine doses given so far, only 79 people have had allergic reactions. 43 were from Sinovac, 22 from AstraZeneca, 11 from Pfizer, and three from Sinopharm. Out of 2,081 complaints about people dying from vaccine side effects, only four have been confirmed.

The director said 31 people reported having pericarditis, a condition where tissue around the heart swells. Out of these 31, 29 were vaccinated with Pfizer, one with AstraZeneca, and one with Sinopharm. Out of the 2,081 deaths reported, 177 of them were from severe symptoms like heart disease and haemorrhages. 938 were from infected nervous systems and other conditions. But the underlying causes to these cases can’t be confirmed.

Out of Thailand’s 120 million vaccine doses given, the director said 46.8 million are AstraZeneca, 27.6 million are Pfizer, 26.4 million are Sinovac, 14.7 million are Sinopharm, and 4.3 million are Moderna. PM Prayut urges health officials to move faster in giving vaccines to children 5-11 years old, as Covid-19 infections are rising in this group. From January 1 to February 2, the infection rate for this group was 6.6%.

SOURCE: Bangkok Post

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