Concerns after two foreign women sunbathe in Chiang Mai temple

Photo via Facebook/ กูรูเชียงใหม่ เรื่องเชียงใหม่กูรู้

A Thai tourist called on the authorities to put up warning signs after spotting two foreign women sunbathing inside Chiang Man Temple in the northern province of Chiang Mai.

The Thai tourist who witnessed the foreigners’ action took a picture and sent it to Channel 3 around 1.30pm yesterday, January 14. The picture showed two foreign women in shorts and tank tops lying on the grass and enjoying the afternoon sun.

The Thai tourist told the media that the picture was taken at Chiang Man Temple in the Mueang district of Chiang Mai. Being the oldest and first temple in the province, it holds significant historical importance. Residents in the vicinity hold the site in high regard, making sunbathing there culturally inappropriate.

The concerned witness brought the matter to the attention of a monk, who assured that the message would be relayed to the tour guide responsible for bringing the foreign women to the temple. However, upon departing the temple, the witness noticed the two women still lying there.

Due to time constraints, the witness couldn’t personally caution the foreign women. After leaving the temple for personal affairs, the witness returned to check on the foreigners, only to find that they had already left. It remains uncertain whether someone informed them about their inappropriate behaviour or if they left of their own accord.

The witness wanted the foreign women and other foreigners to be aware that this should not be done in Thai temples, so sent the picture to the media. The witness also wanted the relevant authorities to put up a warning sign to warn foreign visitors what they should and should not do in Thai temples.

A similar incident was reported in October 2022 when a foreign couple kissed inside Si Suphan Temple in Chiang Mai. The couple were seen taking a photo as they kissed against the backdrop of the famous Silver Hall.

The abbot of Si Suphan Temple said most foreigners behave properly when visiting the temple, and it was the first time the temple had seen this. More warning signs in foreign languages would be installed to prevent such an incident.

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