Community rallies to fund funeral for Thai grandmother

A heart-wrenching tragedy unfolded in the small community of Khao Kuba in Thailand, as 62 year old Pranom succumbed to the challenges of caring for her bedridden 12 year old grandchild, Nong Tong.

Nong Tong, who has been disabled since birth, grapples with severe muscular weakness. The grieving family, already burdened by sorrow, encountered the additional challenge of lacking the necessary funds for Pranom’s funeral. However, the local community rallied together, providing donations to alleviate the financial strain on the grieving family.

The news reached the media yesterday, indicating the events unfolded the day before. Pranom cared for Nong while herself battling multiple chronic illnesses, including high blood pressure and diabetes. Her devotion to her grandchild meant she often neglected her health. In a poignant turn of events, she died seated, with no one present, as her daughter was at work. Upon returning home the following morning, her daughter discovered the tragic scene.

Pranom lived in a modest 2.5 by 3.5-meter home with her granddaughter and a 32 year old daughter, Mink. Their home was a place of love but also significant hardship. Following Pranom’s death, her children, who work elsewhere, rushed back to find that the cost of a proper funeral was beyond their means.

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Bunmee Phonchapo, the Assistant President of the Khao Kuba Community, learned of the family’s plight and initiated a fundraising effort among the community members. The call for help also reached Winai Nakniwong, a member of the Saraburi Municipal Council, who promised to contact a generous benefactor known for aiding those in need.

Later that evening, Pranom’s body was transported from Saraburi Hospital to a local temple, where a sombre religious ceremony took place. Bunmee managed to collect almost 31,000 baht from the community drive, which provided some relief to Pranom’s grieving family. The benefactor, Prasit Anaman, also stepped in, offering financial aid for the funeral expenses and promising to cover any additional costs.

Financial Challenges

Prasit was informed of young Nong’s situation and committed to supporting her, coordinating with the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security to ensure she receives the necessary care. Sudjai, the aunt, expressed her gratitude and relief at the community’s support, which exceeded her expectations. She had anticipated a modest contribution, but the community’s generosity was overwhelming.

In Pranom’s absence, the family’s financial challenges persist. They rely on the daughter’s income and the elderly pension, often borrowing from neighbours to make ends meet. Suditjai reflected on the harsh reality that Pranom’s health conditions were numerous, and without proper treatment, her life ended quietly, leaving behind a family in need.

Prasit’s involvement brought comfort to the family, as he not only provided immediate assistance but also looked to the future, ensuring that Tong would continue to receive the support she needed. As the local community gathered to bid farewell to Pranom, laying her to rest in a single-night ceremony due to religious observance, the spirit of communal solidarity was a poignant reminder of the power of collective kindness in times of sorrow, reported KhaoSod.

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