China’s AIIB shows interest in funding Thailand’s Land Bridge project

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Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin revealed that the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), led by China, has shown interest in funding Thailand’s Land Bridge project. This project, worth a staggering 1 trillion baht, aims to link Ranong with Chumphon in the southern region of Thailand.

The goal is not only to establish an efficient logistics network but also to alleviate the persistent congestion in the Strait of Malacca over the forthcoming decade.

The Land Bridge project involves the construction of deep-water ports in both provinces. Additionally, it will feature a motorway directly connecting the two provinces and a comprehensive railway system. This ambitious endeavour has piqued the interest of the Chinese authorities.

Following a discussion with the AIIB president, PM Srettha disclosed that the Chinese are interested in the Land Bridge project.

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“I am confident they will take part in.”

The prime minister further noted that the AIIB has also expressed interest in another government project aimed at upgrading airports across the country.

“The AIIB is ready to support Thailand, not only in terms of investing but also in the matter of conducting preliminary studies, as an independent organisation.

“Besides investing in infrastructure, they are also interested in the technical system and what can be done to enhance Thailand’s education. I will have officials talk to them.”

In a post on his X account, the prime minister shared that the AIIB president concurred with his view that Thailand holds the potential to emerge as an economic leader in the region, provided its infrastructure development is efficiently established. This development would facilitate the funding of Thailand’s megaprojects, including the Land Bridge or the airport infrastructure development, reported Bangkok Post.

In related news, Thailand’s Transport Ministry launched a roadshow in China to promote the Land Bridge project, responding to China’s interest expressed by Foreign Affairs Minister Wang Yi. Ongoing research attracted foreign investors despite local concerns.

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