Beauty blunder: Victims demand beauty clinic take responsibility for surgery failures

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A Thai woman urged a beauty clinic in Nonthaburi province, near Bangkok, to take responsibility for the surgical mishaps that resulted in her developing gangrene and a forehead infection. Additionally, at least six others have also suffered adverse effects from procedures performed at the same clinic.

The 32 year old victim reported the matter to the Consumer Protection Crime Suppression Division (CPPD). She explained that she wanted forehead augmentation and found the clinic’s advertisement on social media.

According to online reviews, the beauty clinic was trustworthy and had a good discount promotion, so she underwent the augmentation on March 4 for 60,000 baht. After the operation, her forehead became infected with several wounds. It was painful and she had to quit her job as a master of ceremonies.

She returned to the clinic and was told by the doctor that she was allergic to their bandage. She told the clinic that she would go to a hospital for a check-up and second opinion but the clinic discouraged her from doing so. The clinic promised they would treat the wound but then did nothing.

The victim decided to seek a diagnosis from more than 10 specialist skin hospitals, all of which told her that the wounds were gangrene and that she would have to undergo laser treatment for at least a year to heal the scars.

The hospitals also gave her the bad news that the wounds could not be completely healed and that she would need further surgery to prevent the symptoms from spreading to other parts of her body.

The victim revealed that the clinic only compensated her 15,000 baht despite spending at least 1 million baht for further treatment and lost a lot of income from work.

More victims seek justice

Channel 3 reported that the woman is not the first victim of a failed operation at the beauty clinic. There have been several other victims who have gone to the police. The latest complaint was made yesterday by a 26 year old victim.

The latest victim said she had a nose operation at the clinic for 20,000 baht. After the operation, her skin was thinner and her nose bone was almost visible. She later found out that the doctor who operated on her was a radiologist, not a plastic surgeon.

Each victim told Channel 3 that the clinic remains open as normal despite the complaints of many victims.

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