Police raid karaoke bar uncovering child prostitution ring

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The Thai police conducted a raid on a karaoke bar in the Lat Pla Khao area, revealing a child prostitution ring exploiting minors to pay off exorbitant debts. The operation rescued teenage victims aged between 15 and 16 years old.

Special Operations from the Department of Provincial Administration carried out the raid yesterday to rescue the teenage victims of human trafficking within a karaoke establishment located in the Lat Pla Khao area of the Anusawari Subdistrict, Bang Khen District, Bangkok.

The police became aware that the establishment was using girls aged 15 to 16 for prostitution. The victims were coerced into this situation. One of the girls mentioned that her mother was ill, and she needed money for medical treatment. As a result, she agreed to take on debt, which was subjected to a 10% daily interest rate.

The raid led to the rescue of three initial victims. The police arrested the owner of the karaoke bar, charging them with several offences, including engaging in prostitution with individuals aged over 15 but under 18, human trafficking for the purpose of prostitution with individuals under 18, facilitating the sexual gratification of others with minors, persuading minors to engage in inappropriate behaviour, and employing minors under 18 in a service establishment.

The Department of Provincial Administration’s Special Operations team acted on verified information about the illegal activities at the karaoke bar. The investigation revealed that the establishment exploited the financial desperation of these minors, who needed money for medical expenses for their sick relatives, by trapping them into a cycle of debt with high interest rates. This exploitation forced them into prostitution against their will.

The charges against the karaoke bar owner are serious. They include human trafficking, employing minors in a service establishment, and facilitating prostitution with minors. These charges are in line with the Thai laws aimed at protecting minors and cracking down on human trafficking and child exploitation, reported KhaoSod.

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