Australian man under investigation for road rage incident near Bangkok (video)

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A Thai woman filed a complaint against an Australian man, accusing him of intentionally causing an accident and damaging her car at Bearing Intersection in Samut Prakarn province near Bangkok on March 3.

The Thai driver, Angkana, reported to DailyNews that the incident took place when she was driving her sedan to her home in Samrong Nuea district of Samut Prakarn province. The foreign man, later identified as 41 year old Ratukore Jones Agamom, rode his motorcycle close to her car and knocked on her car window asking her to pull over.

Angkana stated that she continued driving, causing Agamom to raise his middle finger at her and drive away from the scene. Angkana did not know the motive behind Agamom’s actions. She speculated that she may have unintentionally cut him off or angered him while driving. She believed the incident would end there but it took an unexpected turn.

Angkana encountered Agamom once again as she approached the Bearing Intersection, preparing to make a left turn. Agamom, positioned ahead of her, abruptly applied the brakes on his motorcycle, despite no vehicle obstructing his path, resulting in Angkana’s car colliding with his motorcycle.

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Angkana subsequently shared a video of the incident with the public. In the footage, Agamom can be observed dismounting his motorbike and striking her car with his fist. He attempted to force open her car door, hurled a registration plate at Angkana’s vehicle, spat on it, and delivered kicks before the video concluded.

Angkana lodged a report at Samrong Nuea Police Station, alleging that Agamom had deliberately applied the brakes on his motorcycle to provoke an accident. Nevertheless, the police declined to acknowledge her account, citing the absence of dash camera footage as substantiating evidence.

Discrimination against Thai

Angkana showed the video from her phone, displaying Agamom’s aggressive behaviour but the officer remained unconvinced. The officer asked Angkana to stop arguing and pay compensation to the Australian man.

Angkana insisted that she would not allow the case to end there. She actively pursued CCTV footage from the area and submitted it to the officer as evidence, demonstrating that the accident was a consequence of Agamom’s deliberate actions. Despite this, the police officer refused to view the video.

Angkana claimed that she had to pay 6,000 baht to Agamom and the foreign man agreed to pay 11,000 baht for the damage to her car. Feeling that this was unjust, she shared the video with several news agencies, drawing attention to her case.

The superintendent of the Samrong Nuea Police Station, Wiroj Tatso, came forward to apologise to Angkana yesterday, March 10. He assured her that he would transfer her case to another police officer and promised to ensure justice for her.

Another victim surfaces

Another Thai man came forward to share another aggressive action by the same Australian man that occurred at the beginning of January this year. The man explained that he drove his car out of a condominium in the Sukhumvit neighbourhood of Bangkok and encountered Agamom playing on a skateboard in the middle of the road.

The man sounded his horn to alert Agamom to clear the road, provoking him and leading to damage to his car. The Thai victim asserted possession of dash cam footage as evidence and complained to Samrong Nuea Police Station. However, there have been no advancements in the case until the foreign man repeated his actions.

Samrong Nuea Police Station has not disclosed whether they have reviewed evidence from both victims, leaving the charges Agamom might face uncertain.


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