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Chon Buri man allegedly sexually abused his daughter for 9 years

Nong Kham Police Station.

A Chon Buri man allegedly sexually abused his daughter for 9 years and stopped her stop going to school because he was afraid she would get a boyfriend. A neighbour found out about the abuse when he saw the 16 year old girl sitting on the side of the road and crying earlier this week. The neighbour then began to question the girl.

At first, the girl did not respond. But eventually, after the neighbour asked her several times what was wrong, she told him that her father had been raping her for more than nine years, ever since she was seven years old. The abuse began when her parents started sleeping in separate bedrooms.

The girl said that once she was in year 6 at school, her father began to behave very jealously, afraid she would get a boyfriend. He then started beating her if she refused him, and made her stop going to school. At one point, she tried to hang herself, but then her mother came and rescued her. When the girl was 14, her mother died. After that, her father started raping her almost every day.

She said her father only gave her 20 baht for food every day, making her go hungry. In tears, she asked her neighbour for help. She told him that the reason she sat on the side of the road every day was because she wanted to run into the middle of the road so that a car would hit her. At the same time, her father had threatened to kill her if she told anyone about the abuse. The neighbours were also scared because her father knew many people in the area.

The neighbours decided to ask for help from a Facebook page that has helped people in bad situations from all over Thailand. The page’s founder, Ekapop Leungprasert, took the girl to Nong Kham Police Station to file a complaint on July 14. The police now plan to prosecute the father.

SOURCE: Channel 8

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