Ayutthaya paper recycling factory suffers 30 million baht fire damage

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A devastating fire engulfed a large paper recycling factory in Bang Pa-In, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya, causing damage estimated to be above 30 million baht. Over 1,000 tonnes of stacked paper served as significant fuel for a blaze that took over two hours for firefighters to subdue.

At around 10pm last night, police officials led by Phongpanot Meeto, a deputy investigation officer of Phra In Rachacha police station in Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya, were notified of a fire incident. The site of the event was a paper recycling company located in the Chiang Rak Noi sub-district, Bang Pa-In district. Gathering firefighting resources from the Pran Inracha Sub-district Municipality and adjacent local government organisations, officials rushed to the scene to tackle the fire, reported KhaoSod.

Upon arrival at the scene, they discovered a large-scale paper recycling factory heavily ablaze. The flames were particularly aggressive in the warehouse utilised for paper scrap separation.

Combined with the presence of approximately 1,000 tonnes of paper stacks and strong winds, these elements contributed to a highly effective fuel system feeding the fire. Despite the relentless efforts of officials, it took over two hours to contain the flames.

The proximity of the warehouse to others prevented the fire from spreading further. Given the vast quantity of compactly stacked paper, fire personnel had to continuously hose down the area to prevent re-ignition.

Phongpanot disclosed preliminary investigation findings stating that the plant experienced a temporary power outage before the fire incident. A local power surge was followed shortly by the rapid escalation of the fire. The estimated value of the damage is around 30 million baht.

Electrical short-circuiting is suspected as the likely cause. However, Ayutthaya officials are to conduct a thorough investigation into the incident and gather detailed evidence before proceeding with any legal action. Further probes into the real cause are ongoing at the site.

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