Mall Group resumes Gourmet Market expansion as consumer spending rebounds

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The Mall Group Co, a leading retail operator in Thailand, is set to resume the expansion of its Gourmet Market branches this year, as consumer spending shows signs of recovery in the wake of the pandemic. The company has invested 100 million baht in opening a stand-alone Gourmet Market branch at Design Village Bangna on May 7, after a three-year pause due to the pandemic’s impact.

Spanning over 2,500 square metres, the new branch offers more than 30,000 premium products and fresh foods, including selections from Michelin-rated restaurants. The store caters to families and foreigners living in the Bang Phli, Bang Na, and Prawet neighbourhoods and is conveniently located near Suvarnabhumi airport, potentially attracting tourists seeking souvenirs before their flights.

With 17 branches already established in Bangkok and Nakhon Ratchasima, The Mall Group has chosen the Bang Na district for its latest expansion due to the area’s strong purchasing power. Surrounded by high-end residential communities, schools, and hospitals within a 5-kilometre radius, the new Gourmet Market branch is well-positioned to serve its target demographic.

The success of another Gourmet Market branch at Design Village in Phuttamonthon also influenced the decision to establish the Design Village Bangna project. “The strength of the location, situated in Bang Na and Prawet districts, which are bordered by Lat Krabang to the north, Bang Sao Thong to the east, Bang Bo to the south, and Samut Prakan to the west, lead us to believe in the potential of the Design Village Bangna project,” said the company’s chief business officer for supermarket and food, Supawut Chaiprasitkul.

Gourmet Market stores have seen a recovery of 80-90% in sales during the first four months of this year, with double-digit growth compared to the same period last year. The company is now preparing to open more Gourmet Market locations, with 10 sites earmarked for new branches. Additionally, The Mall Group plans to renovate two existing Gourmet Market branches in Bang Kae and Bang Kapi this year, reported Bangkok Post.

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