Trip to Thailand turned sour for Love Island star after testing positive for Covid

Photo via Anna McEvoy's Instagram

A trip to Thailand went sour for an Australian star of the reality show Love Island after she and her boyfriend tested positive for Covid-19. The couple has been sent to a “hospital hotel” in Phuket to isolate themselves.

29 year old Australian model and Love Island winner, Anna McEvoy, has been documenting her trip and her isolation experience on her Instagram account. At first, she was concerned that Thai authorities would separate her and her boyfriend, Michael Staples, who initially tested negative for Covid-19.

Michael has since tested positive and the two are now in an approved quarantine hotel in Phuket. In a post made yesterday, Anna gave a tour of the hotel room. Luckily, the couple is able to isolate themselves together, but their room has two twin beds. It also has access to a pool, but Anna says they are not allowed to swim. She says “as far hospital hotels go… this is a 10/10.”

The couple says they did have to pay for their 8-day stay at a hospital hotel at their own expense, which ended up being AU$5,500. They crossed their fingers and said hopefully insurance covers the costs.

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The food hasn’t exactly what Anna has been craving… she says it’s more of you get what you’re given, and if you don’t like it, deal with it. She added that they do have snacks and can order food through Grab.

Anna says at first she had a headache, body ache, and fever at one point, but now has no symptoms. She says both she and Michael can still smell and taste. Both of them are fully vaccinated, and she says she thinks they may have contracted the virus on the airplane.

The couple says they were supposed to be in Thailand for 15 days, but they might extend their holiday since so much time was taken up in isolation.

Anna and Josh Packham won an AU$50,000 cash prize during the second season of Love Island in 2019, where men and women take part in a series of dating and switching partners until they meet their true love. She has since split with Josh.

You can check out Anna’s Instagram page HERE.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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