Man, posed as Bangkok modelling agent, arrested for allegedly raping 36 women

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A man in Bangkok was arrested on rape charges after 36 women came forward to police, claiming the man posed as a modelling agent to lure the women into an in-person meeting, then threatening them to take drugs and forcing them to have sex with him.

The victims say 39 year old Denphum Wattanachotpinyo had posed as an agent, saying he could connect them with jobs as hostesses serving drinks at private parties and hotels.

Some Thai models who are known as “pretties” often work as hostesses at private parties where sex, drugs and excessive drinking are often involved. With the work looked down upon by Thai society, women have been less likely to report abuse.

The dangers many “pretties” face have been brought to light recently after the deaths of 2 “pretty” models. In 2019, a 25 year old model died from “extreme alcohol intoxication.” Her body was found dead in the lobby in a Bangkok condominium. Another model died 2 months ago after working as a hostess at a private party in Bangkok.

Police in Bangkok recently arrested Denphum Wattanachotpinyo, who is from Nonthaburi, a suburb outside the capital. Police say Denphum Wattanachotpinyo told women that he was a modelling agent and said he wanted to meet in person before arranging a job.

Victims say Denphum used a knife to threaten them, telling them to take drugs and then raping them. They say he recorded the sexual acts on video and used it as blackmail. Some victims say Denphum also stole from them.

Denphum was wanted on 3 arrest warrants issued by the Criminal Court and Thon Buri Criminal Court. He faces charges of rape, threatening to cause harm, depriving others of their freedom, threatening and intimidating others, and theft. Police say that Denphum denies the charges and claims the sex was consensual.

SOURCE: Bangkok Post

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