1 million face masks labeled as Japanese busted as Chinese

PHOTO: Chinese counterfeit masks were found in Samut Prakan. (via Siam Rath)

In the Bangkok suburb of Samut Prakan, police raided a warehouse where they found 1 million face masks that were labelled as being from Japan when in actuality they were produced and shipped from China. The economic crime division of the police uncovered the Chinese masks, with an estimated value of about 3 million baht, during a raid in a warehouse in the Phraeksa area of the province.

The police busted the warehouse with the counterfeit Chinese masks that were labelled as though they were from Japan. They found that some of the masks even had exercise labels from Japan on them despite the fact that they were actually imported from China.

The importers likely faked the labelling and import details of the masks to make cheap Chinese knockoffs appear to be more valuable Japanese products. Police believe that the face masks that were manufactured in China were of inferior quality with substandard materials. The labelling from Japan was likely fake so that they could be passed off as higher quality merchandise with Japanese approval that could fetch a much higher price when sold.

No arrests tied to the fake Chinese masks were officially announced at the time of the raid yesterday, the investigation is ongoing and prosecution and charges are likely imminent.

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