Ancient treasure chest unearthed in Laos along Mekong River

Image courtesy of Khaosod

A treasure chest was unearthed along the banks of the Mekong River in Bokeo Province, Laos, revealing a trove of Buddha statues, gemstones, coloured stones, metal artefacts, and other valuable items.

The discovery follows earlier findings of Buddha statues and ancient artefacts in the same area, believed to be the site of an old temple and city from the fabled Suvarnakhomkham Kingdom era.

Monk Khattiya Baramee shared images of the excavation, showcasing a large, well-preserved Buddha statue. The statue’s remarkable condition has garnered much admiration. Other numerous valuable items such as glass, diamonds, coloured stones, gemstones, and various metal artefacts were also discovered.

The items were part of a chest retrieved from the Mekong River, at the riverside in Ban Ton Phueng, Bokeo Province, Laos, capturing public intrigue,

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Further details into the treasure reveal that the chest is known as Jai Phra That, a customary practice for people to offer treasures as a form of Buddhist worship, often placing them inside stupas beneath temples.

The offerings typically include glass, rings, silver, gold, and various forms of Buddha statues. The page confirmed the authenticity and value of these ancient items.

The discovery sparked significant interest among locals and historians alike, shedding light on the rich cultural heritage of the region. The artefacts, particularly the Buddha statues, are considered to be of immense historical and spiritual value.

This find not only provides insight into the religious practices of the ancient but also showcases the craftsmanship and artistic achievements of the era.

Historians believe that the site was once a thriving centre of Buddhist worship and culture. The presence of such a diverse range of valuable items indicates that the area was of significant importance during its time.

The local community has expressed a sense of pride and reverence for the discovery. Many believe that the unearthing of these treasures is a sign of good fortune and spiritual blessing.


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