A forgetful husband tests marriage after accidently abandoning his wife on a road trip after taking a quick leak

For richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, till death us do part, and in an emergency toilet break situation, every marriage is tested to some degree. And, an absent-minded husband truly tested the strength of his marriage on a road trip last week. He pulled over by the roadside to quickly take a leak before climbing back into the car and driving off – leaving his wife behind who had wandered into a nearby jungle for a pee.

Boontom Chaimoon and his wife, Amnuay Chaimoon, took a road trip on Sunday to spend the seasonal holidays in her hometown in the Maha Sarakham Province.

The 55 year old driver felt the need to go to the toilet so parked his car by the roadside at 3am. He didn’t realize his wife decided to take advantage of the shortstop to do the same. But because there were no public toilets the 49 year old woman decided to get some privacy and ventured into a nearby jungle.

Boontom did not notice his wife get out of the car and set off on his way.

Amnuay was left stunned when she returned. He had left her stranded without her mobile phone, which was inside her bag in the car.

Amnuay was left with little choice other than to walk to the nearest district of Kabin Buri. The 20 kilometres journey in the dark took about two hours.

But that’s not all.

Amnuay couldn’t remember her husband’s telephone number so she tried to call her own number.

After three hours and 20 failed attempts, she called the police.

The police managed to track him down, almost 160 kilometres away in Korat province.

Boontom confessed that he was not aware his wife was missing. He thought she was asleep on the backseat.

The apologetic husband quickly turned around and returned to pick up his wife.

Boontom was extremely remorseful when he picked her up but she wasn’t angry at all.

Amnuay told the press that all marriages have ups and downs and that they had been married for the last 27 years and have a son who is 26 years old.

Being abandoned after a toilet break appears to be a thing in Thailand at the moment.

Last week, a Norwegian man took a taxi from Trat to Bangkok and, after stopping at a petrol station in Chon Buri province to buy snacks, the driver drove off without him. The cabby drove 60 kilometres before realising his passenger had vanished.

A forgetful husband tests marriage after accidently abandoning his wife on a road trip after taking a quick leak | News by Thaiger


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