4 guides arrested leading Chinese tour group without ID

PHOTO: Police arrested four Thai women leading Chinese tour groups without displaying their tour guide licenses. (via Daily News)

Police have been cracking down on illegal tour groups and guides, recently arresting a Russian man mid-tour. Now four Thai female tour guides have been arrested around Bangkok while leading Chinese tour groups. The guides turned out to be licensed, but they did not have the proper documentation.

The arrests took place in the tourist area of Tha Rua, Tha Chang and Ratchadamri in Bangkok. The suspects have been identified by their first names only and were aged between 30 to 46 years old. They were found leading a group of Chinese tourists in the area when they were stopped by Tourist Police officers. When asked for their guide card, none of them had it visible.

While they were later able to prove that they are registered tour guides, the suspects are accused of not having a tour guide card while on duty, which is in violation of the Tourism and Guide Business Act BE 2008. The act sets standards for tour guides’ performance of duties, dress, etiquette, and conduct. It even requires proof of a health examination for all tour guides.

Despite the suspects being registered guides, the police charged them with an offence related to being improperly attired while doing their job. A tour guide license card must be visible at all times while conducting a tour. The suspects have allegedly confessed to the offence and have been taken into custody for further legal action.

Last month a 29 year old Russian man, was arrested in Phuket when he was caught serving as a tour guide. After witnessing the illegal guide in action in Phuket’s Old Town, the Tourist Police officers stepped in. They approached Maslennikov and took him into custody, abruptly ending the tour for the 11 Russian travellers.

The Phuket Information Centre Facebook page called out the growing scourge of illegal foreign workers in the tourism industry. Last month they posted urging people to report illegal guides, car and bike rentals, and tour and taxi services.

“A lot of foreigners stay and work in Phuket, both legally and illegally. Recently, a group of foreigners started a car rental business. They offered both cars and minibuses and also served tourists as chauffeurs. They steal jobs from Thai people! If anyone has more information on this, please send it to the page’s admin. We together with the Phuket Tourist Police will get rid of this issue.”

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Neill Fronde

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