Soon-to-be bride tragically killed in car crash in central Thailand

Photo by Sanook.

A soon-to-be bride was tragically killed in a car crash in Thailand’s central province of Suphan Buri. The soon-to-be groom, meanwhile, was seriously injured.

The future bride and groom were set to marry on November 6. Yesterday, the two had driven to the eastern Chachoengsao province to deliver eggs. On their way home, a fatal crash happened.

The groom, 26 year old Sittichai, is believed to have lost control of the car because of rain and flooding. The car then fell to the side of the road and hit a large tree.

Sittichai’s left leg was broken, and he had wounds and scratches all over his body, Sanook reported. His fiance, 33 year old Masaya, was seriously injured, and she succumbed to her wounds after the two were rushed to a hospital.

The deadly crash happened after the young couple had sent out invitations for their wedding.

Police revealed the investigation into the cause of the crash will continue.

Thailand’s roads are notoriously deadly. Thailand was ranked the second most dangerous country to drive in according to a driver’s educational platform. There were 21,052 accidents in 2020, and 11,138 accidents in 2021. 20% of accidents involved motorcycles, while 8% involved six-wheel trucks, and 8% involved trucks with at least 10 wheels. PM Prayut Chan-o-cha this year announced a major goal of cutting the number of road deaths by almost two-thirds by 2027.

Hopefully, somehow some way, Thailand can find a solution to lower the number of heartbreaking road deaths, and lives like Masaya’s won’t be cut tragically short.

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