Bang Klaan temple abbot identifies 17 suspects behind violent intrusion

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The abbot of Bang Klaan temple reported 17 more suspects involved in the recent violent intrusion at his temple in Phichit province. The offenders are comprised of 14 locals and three non-affiliated monks. The police have used CCTV footage to identify the culprits who caused several injuries to the temple’s staff and lay supporters.

The abbot, Pissut Warakan, granted authority to the 71 year old Phan Punpeng, who serves as the temple’s lay representative, to report the case to Police Major Siroj Petchtoh, the investigating officer at the Pho Thale police station. The 17 suspects are thought to have aided the black-garbed assailants in orchestrating the aggressive intrusion at the temple on April 6.

Phan stated that the attackers included 14 laypeople and three monks with no affiliation with the Bang Klaan temple. According to CCTV footage, they unlawfully took control of the temple both during daytime and nighttime hours. The group also detained and assaulted temple workers, committee members, and lay representatives. They also destroyed temple property and blatantly defied lawful orders, reported KhaoSod.

The 17 suspects are divided into three groups, all of whom are involved in occupying the temple. Group one was responsible for orchestrating the assault on the temple workers, committee members, and lay representatives, while group two invaded Bang Klaan temple’s foundation hall and injured the staff there. Additionally, it locked down the foundation’s hall, which hindered the devotees who came to pay their respects to Luang Por Nguen.

Group three was responsible for forcibly evicting residents from the temple grounds. As a result, the current abbot who has been lawfully appointed as the temple’s lay representative, has been unable to enter and manage the temple due to safety concerns. Even though the court has issued an order prohibiting the former abbot’s supporters from involvement in these operations, the group of people continue to unlawfully occupy the temple.

Police Major Siroj Petchtoh has acknowledged the additional charges filed by the Bang Klaan temple representatives. The submitted evidence, including photographic and video footage from CCTV cameras, will be used to determine who is responsible and to proceed with further legal action against the suspects.

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