Thai woman seeks police help after ex-brother-in-law’s violent acts

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A woman in Udon Thani urgently sought police help after her ex-brother-in-law, exhibiting delusional and violent behaviour due to drug abuse, attempted to abduct her daughter for a ritual sacrifice and vandalised her property.

Today, July 3, 46 year old Nok, reported to Udon Thani City Police Station, asking for the arrest of 40 year old Ae, her former brother-in-law. Ae had damaged and stolen a CCTV camera from her home, claiming it was a divine eye watching him.

The incident took place yesterday, July 2 at 12.49am. Ae, under the influence of drugs, had previously attempted to throw Nok’s 12 year old daughter into a fire for a supposed sacrifice, but the girl’s mother intervened in time. Fearing further incidents, Nok appealed for immediate police intervention.

The police have recorded the complaint and will coordinate with the investigative unit to track Ae down.

Reporters visited the scene at a house in Mak Khaeng Subdistrict, where Nok showed the damaged CCTV camera and explained Ae’s actions. Ae allegedly used a knife to destroy the camera, believing it was a divine eye spying on him.

Further inspection revealed damage to Nok’s sister’s house, where Ae had destroyed various items, including glass, metal bars, and household items. Nok showed the kitchen where Ae had cut through a zinc panel to break into the house, intending to abduct her daughter again.

Violent behaviour

Nok recounted that no one heard anything during the night of the incident because everyone was asleep. The next morning, her daughter discovered the missing CCTV camera and alerted her father, who found that Ae had destroyed it.

A had a history of threatening and harassing Nok’s sister since their divorce a year ago. Nok expressed fear as the house mainly consists of women, and children used to play outside but are now scared. She urged the police to take legal action against Ae for public safety.

Reporters then visited Ae’s house, which was found locked and empty. However, Ae’s 63 year old mother, who lives nearby, shared that Ae turned to drug abuse after overcoming alcohol addiction. His violent behaviour escalated, leading to frequent domestic disputes and property damage, causing his wife to leave him. Ae’s mother expressed concern for his rehabilitation.

In a separate interview, Nok’s sister and Ae’s ex-wife, 37 year old B, recounted their distressing experiences. B had filed multiple complaints at Udon Thani City Police Station, accusing Ae of property damage, threats, and physical assault. Despite her efforts, police action seemed ineffective. Ae demanded 200,000 baht (US$5,430) as a divorce settlement, threatening further violence if not paid. His severe drug addiction was the main reason for their separation.

B recalled an incident in February when Ae, under heavy drug influence, tried to throw their daughter into a fire, claiming it was for a sacrifice. She managed to save her daughter just in time.

B now lives in constant fear of Ae abducting their daughter again and urged the police to take decisive action. If unresolved, she plans to seek help from foundations and social activists, reported KhaoSod.

B’s daughter, who narrowly escaped the attempted sacrifice, shared her fear, recalling how her father tried to carry her to the fire before her mother intervened. She remains terrified of her father returning to harm her again.

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