Pre-op trans men’s anger after Bangkok breast removal broker scams them out 4 million baht

Five pre-op transgender men approached a lawyer for help after a breast removal surgery broker scammed them out of 4 million baht.

The born females who identify as men are just five of about 25 to have made complaints about the broker, a transgender man, who took their money, and booked surgery but did not pay the clinic for the operations.

The five disgruntled victims approached lawyer Ronnarong Kaewphet for help at his office in the Pak Kret district, Nonthaburi Province. The lawyer and his clients filed their complaint with the Central Investigation Bureau yesterday.

Ronnarong made public that the pre-op men paid “Tomway,” the nickname of the breast surgery removal broker, for a service that was never delivered and they were fraudulently robbed of about 4 million baht.

One of the complainants, a 45 year old business person called Miss Nueng saw Tomway’s Facebook page, which had posted a picture with a video clip of a young woman who had undergone breast removal surgery for only 65,000 baht.

The 45 year old thought this was cheap because the price is usually about 100,000.

“I called the number and spoke to someone who claimed they had had the surgery for 65,000 and convinced me to transfer the money. The date of the surgery was specified at a beauty clinic in Bangkok in March. But when the date of the surgery appointment arrived, I couldn’t contact the broker’s line. It was dead.

“I went to the clinic by myself and found that the clinic actually exists. But they couldn’t do it because they hadn’t been contacted or paid to do the surgery.”

Another pre-op trans man, Pawadee Chammalee, revealed “Tomway” told him they represented several established clinics in Bangkok.

“The broker quoted the price at 69,000-79,000 baht and allowed clients to pay either lump sums or in instalments. The broker told clients they would lose their surgery bookings unless they met payment deadlines.”

The 36 year old Pawadee made it known that Tomway also conducted lucky draws for surgeries and that he won a draw but the broker kept postponing her surgery.

Another pre-op man told the same tale, one admitted receiving a refund of only 7,000 baht.

Another pre-op trans man, 30-year-old Sunisa Khongsilp, revealed the broker had provided the service for two years without any problems until earlier this year.

“The broker told me that he had financial problems and that the clients who could not wait could go to court.”

Ms Da (a pseudonym), a hotel worker, said he was lured in by a promotion.

The 42 year old said at first he paid 10,000 baht up front and then 3,000 baht every 15 days until 24 installments were complete. Again, when the surgery date was due he was unable to contact anyone at Tomway.

A beauty clinic owner in Bangkok, Miss Warapaswee (surname reserved), made it known she met the Tomway broker. The 43 year old said he came to her clinic and discussed deals where he wanted 52% of the cost for every customer he delivered to the clinic.

“He sent a lot of clients to the clinic. In the first three cases, he transferred the money to the clinic before surgery again. But after the fourth case and onwards there was always an excuse for the late arrival of the payment, such as he was drunk and forgot or I haven’t woken up yet or his wife will transfer the money for the surgery.

“The outstanding balance began to increase, almost 200,000 baht, so I had to suspend the surgery until the outstanding money was paid.”

Ronnarong told the media that the broker could be charged with fraud and unauthorised surgery advertisements related to hospital and computer crime laws.

He added that four surgery clinics have not received any payment from the broker after operating on clients.

SOURCE: News Ch7 Siamrath Bangkok Post

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