Mother seeks justice for son’s alleged police abuse, forced confession

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A distraught mother is seeking justice, claiming that local police in Ayutthaya abused her adult son. She explains that police arrested her son on theft charges, and then physically abused him while he was in custody. She alleges that they even forced him to admit to a rape charge.

Meoy, the 59 year old woman raised concerns about her son’s well-being since his arrest and the subsequent allegations. The mother residing in Nong Suea, Pathum Thani, demands legal justice for her 34 year old son.

Meoy said she had been highly worried since her son Anek’s arrest and was under extreme stress, unable to eat or sleep. She was trying to gather bail money while being unsure of her son’s actual guilt.

She was beyond disturbed when she learned that her son had been physically abused at the hands of the police. Upon seeing her son’s condition, with swollen, bruised eyes and various injuries across his body, she lamented the treatment in custody.

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“Even if my son committed a crime, the police shouldn’t have treated him this way. I accept that if my son is guilty of theft, he should be arrested and prosecuted. But I can’t accept that the police forced him to admit to a separate rape charge, which he said he didn’t commit. I want justice for my son.”

Meanwhile, Anusorn, a 27 year old woman, identified as the partner, stated that Anek was arrested on August 24 for a theft charge. She followed him to the police station where Anek confessed to the theft. However, he was also forced to admit to a rape charge, which he denied.

She witnessed the police cover Anek’s head with a black bag and heard a police officer saying, “Don’t act smart with me.” After the interrogation, she saw Anek’s green eyes, and bruised body, and asked the police why they had to physically abuse him.

The police denied any such incident, reported KhaoSod.

Anusorn also revealed that the situation stressed Anek so much that he drank toilet cleaner but was saved in time and taken to the hospital.

Addressing the issue, Police Lieutenant Colonel Somjate Maenbut, Superintendent of Wang Noi Police Station, stated that they were aware of the situation. The family of the accused had filed a complaint, calling for legal action against the police officers allegedly involved in the physical abuse of the suspect.

The officers involved will be summoned to investigate the truth. Both parties will be treated justly. If any officer is found guilty, they will have to bear the consequences of their actions.

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