Daylight shooting in Pattaya leaves news reporter’s assistant critically injured

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A brutal shooting incident occurred at 7am today, leaving a 28 year old assistant to a Pattaya City news reporter critically injured with more than 40 bullet wounds to his face and head. The incident took place within the Soi Saisamtadpettrakul, Nongprue, Banglamung, Chon Buri.

The police, led by Assistant Inspector Dorkrak Sairoj along with Station Inspector Navin Thirawit, rushed to the scene to investigate the crime and provide aid to the victim.

The victim, Natthaphat (last name withheld), was found lying in a pool of blood on the road next to his fallen Honda PCX motorcycle, with the registration number 2กล6587 Chon Buri. The first responder medical team quickly transported him to the hospital where an X-ray found bullet fragments lodged in his eye and brain.

A friend of the victim, 29 year old O (assumed name), who was also at the scene, claimed that they had been drinking at a nearby barbecue restaurant less than 1 kilometre from the crime scene before the shooting took place.

O further recounted that a red sedan had pulled into the barbecue restaurant and a motorcycle had honked at the car. However, no one paid much attention to it. Shortly after Natthaphat had left to drop his child at school, O noticed his friend’s fallen motorcycle, initially assuming it was a road accident. Upon realising the gravity of the situation, he promptly notified the authorities for help, reported KhaoSod.

Nearby residents reported hearing a loud noise resembling an explosion but did not witness the incident. Upon investigation, they found the fallen motorcycle and the injured victim lying on the ground. The local police, led by Assistant Inspector Thananan Athiphansee, are now meticulously investigating the case. They are combing the crime scene and surrounding areas for potential witnesses and scrutinising CCTV footage from the crime scene and the suspect’s escape route.

The motive behind the shooting is still unknown, whether it’s related to the victim’s reporting work, personal issues, or a case of mistaken identity. Nonetheless, the audacious daylight attack, which took place during the morning rush hour as people were dropping their children to school, shows the brazen disregard for law and order by the perpetrators. The police are vigorously pursuing the gunman and are committed to expediting the case proceedings.

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Nattapong Westwood

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