Cat killer feels no guilt over sadistic act

Photo via Nattharika Boonpa

A sadistic Thai man faces up to three years in prison and a fine of up to 100,000 baht for the barbaric killing of a neighbour’s cat in Lak Si district in Bangkok. But rather than be embarrassed by his cruelty, cat killer Tian Arunjit declared no guilt to reporters. The 68 year old said he was proud his behaviour had made him famous.

The cat’s owner, Nattharika Boonpa, posted videos and pictures of her cat being tortured by the psychotic man on Facebook on Sunday, December 4 as evidence.

The video shows the brute, Tian, holding the four month old Persian cat, named Shoto, by the tail with one hand before slamming on the road in front of the owners’ faces.

The killer said…

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“Look at this! You know what? This is the second one I killed.”

The cat lay motionless on the road after being slammed hard.

The reason for the savagery? The cat allegedly entered his house.

Nattharika took the dying cat to four pet clinics but none of them could do anything to save the broken, bloody Shoto.

Nattharika’s mother, 52 year old Thawon, told the media that the incident happened at 9am on Sunday.

Thawon said the family had two cats but one of them managed to escape despite the house being surrounded by nets.

The family went looking for the cat and found Tian holding the cat by the tail so decided to record the incident for the police.

The family filed a complaint with the police and requested 53,000 baht in compensation from the cat killer.

Tian was questioned by officers at Tung Song Hong Police Station today.

Tian refused to give an interview with the reporters after the interrogation adding he would if they paid him.

He made a brief statement saying that he did not feel guilty and was pleased that he is now famous. He said he had a right to kill the cat because it broke into his house.

Tian was released temporarily and ordered to go to court on December 14.

He faces two charges, including:

  • Section 31 of the Animal Cruelty Prevention Act: anyone who is cruel to an animal without reason shall be imprisoned for up to two years, fined up to 40,000 baht, or both.
  • Section 358 of the Criminal Law: whoever destroys, damages, or causes depreciation of the value of a property of others shall be punished with imprisonment of up to three years, a fine of up to 60,000 baht, or both.

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