Old man posing as religious leader arrested for assaulting teen in Phuket

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Officials apprehended a 60 year old man, Ismael Todting, who posed as a religious leader to deceive and assault a 16 year old girl in a Phuket hotel. He planned and lured the victim by gaining her trust before forcing himself on her and fleeing. Authorities tracked him down to Yala province, where he was participating in a group activity, eventually arresting him and handing him over for further legal proceedings.

Ismael Todting was detained following his arrest in the Yala province by a team led by Pol. Capt. Kriangsak Boonthong, Deputy Chief of Region 6 Police Division, and Pol. Lt. Col. Mongtri Thetkhan, Commanding Officer of the same division. The arrest was made based on a warrant issued by the Phuket Provincial Court on January 12. Ismael has been charged with “sexual assault using brutal force and committing an indecent act” on a person under 18 years old, reported Khaosod.

In an attempt to prey on his victim, Ismael claimed to be a religious leader to create a trustworthy relationship with the young girl from Phuket. He then devised a plan to invite her out for errands, successfully luring her into following him. The perpetrator later brought her to a hotel, where he assaulted her before escaping. After the incident, the victim’s family reported the crime to the Phuket City Police Station, which led to the issuance of an arrest warrant.

During the time Ismael was evading law enforcement, he engaged in group activities with the Dawah Convoy in the Yala province. The authorities managed to arrest him based on this information. Upon interrogation, Ismael denied the accusations. He has since been transferred to Phuket City Police Station, where legal proceedings are underway as per the law.

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