Top 6 reasons you should send your kids to an American-Style summer camp in Thailand

Rafting. Image via iCamp Thailand

It’s the end of June, and that means kids in Thailand are on a long summer holiday! If you’re looking for a fun yet educational activity for your kids to pass summer break, sending them to iCamp Thailand, the first American-style residential camp in the country, might be a great option. 

Located in Kanchanaburi, iCamp Thailand’s residential summer camp is a supervised week-long programme for kids and teens aged 8 to 16. From outdoor adventures to arts and crafts, this summer camp programme offers a structured opportunity for kids to learn and grow in a fun way. Your kids can make new friends and create lifelong memories while learning about themselves, the people, and the world around them.

But is an American-style summer camp in Thailand the right fit for your kid? To help you decide, here are the top 6 reasons to send your kids to iCamp, an American-style residential summer camp in Thailand.

6 Reasons to send your kids to an American-style summer camp

1. Nurtures lifelong friendships

Kids having fun at iCamp Thailand American-style residential summer camp
Image via iCamp Thailand

Residential summer camp is a great way to develop your kids’ social skills since they get to meet new people outside of their everyday lives. This is especially crucial during the summer break when making friends their age can be a real struggle without the school setting. Through team sports and group activities that iCamp provides, such as bunk vs. bunk and relay games, kids can learn how to interact with different personalities and bond over mutual interests in a safe and fun environment.

Furthermore, your kids will be living in a cabin with 12 other campers, which encourages cooperation, mutual respect, conflict resolution, and the importance of communication. They will do almost everything together – talking, singing, eating, laughing, and playing. Therefore, iCamp Thailand’s residential summer camp helps create friendships that often last a lifetime.

2. Helps kids respect differences

A group of kids with different races, age, and gender smiling and posing in front of the camera
Image via iCamp Thailand

iCamp Thailand welcomes kids from around the world and is popular among the expat community in Thailand. The diverse mix of campers means your kids get to mingle with people from all walks of life, which helps them understand and appreciate different cultures, races, and religions. Aside from helping kids positively embrace diversity, they will develop a global mindset, empathy, and tolerance at the summer camp. These traits are essential in today’s interconnected world.

3. Promotes independence and resilience

Top 6 reasons you should send your kids to an American-Style summer camp in Thailand | News by Thaiger
Paddle boarding. Image via iCamp Thailand

One of the main benefits of iCamp Thailand’s residential summer camp is that kids can start to become more independent. Since they will spend a week away from their parents, they will have to navigate through their daily tasks and responsibilities on their own. This experience encourages them to learn how to manage their time effectively. In addition, being away from parents gives kids enough space to face challenges and take risks without depending on familiar faces. Making decisions on their own will empower kids to become confident and self-sufficient individuals.

Summer camps push your kids out of their comfort zones. For example, they may have to climb a rock wall, tackle an obstacle course, or try kayaking. These activities test their physical and mental limits while fostering resilience and courage. Moreover, they will get an opportunity to participate in team sports like soccer or basketball, where they learn the importance of collaboration, strategy, leadership, and perseverance. Embracing independence and resilience at an early age can have long-lasting benefits, preparing your kids with essential life skills that will serve them well into adulthood.

4. Fosters a connection with nature

Kids outdoor adventure at iCamp Thailand, an American-style residential camp in Thailand
Image via iCamp Thailand

iCamp Thailand sits in a picturesque setting in Kanchanaburi, near the River Kwai Valley, surrounded by caves, lakes, waterfalls, and mountains. But apart from the lush environment, the camp provides a technology-free environment since kids have to “unplug” and take a break from electronic devices. Thus, while kids disconnect from their screens, they can connect with nature. 

The lush greenery and fresh air surrounding the camp offer plenty of opportunities for outdoor adventures, such as exploring caves and kayaking in the river, as well as observing wildlife up close and learning about different ecosystems firsthand. Even within the campground, they can enjoy a range of outdoor activities like swimming or even roasting marshmallows over a crackling campfire. iCamp Thailand provides both structured activities and unstructured play so kids can interact with nature in new and exciting ways.

Spending time outdoors can provide a multitude of benefits for your kids. The sights, sounds, and textures found in nature stimulate the senses and encourage curiosity and exploration. In addition, this sensory stimulation is crucial for cognitive development. It sparks creativity, a love for learning, and a deeper appreciation for the natural world.

5. Mental stimulation and physical activity

Top 6 reasons you should send your kids to an American-Style summer camp in Thailand | News by Thaiger
Image via iCamp Thailand

During summer holidays, most kids miss out on the intellectual stimulation and physical activity they get at school. Studies have found that kids who don’t engage in educational activities over summer break can experience a regression in math, reading, and spelling skills. This phenomenon is often called the “summer slide” by teachers. At iCamp Thailand, kids can engage in various mentally stimulating activities, such as creative workshops, quiz nights, and bingo nights. Thus, they can learn and keep their brains sharp in enjoyable ways.

Additionally, research shows that kids are more likely to become obese during summer break because they tend to eat more, but exercise and sleep less. Kids may spend more time on video games and screens as well, which can increase the risk of obesity, as stated by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

iCamp Thailand helps tackle this issue by providing a screen-free environment where kids can engage in outdoor activities like sports and excursions. These activities not only improve their athletic skills but also enrich their physical wellbeing by giving them a healthy dose of Vitamin D. 

6. Explore new interests and hobbies

Kids cooking outdoors at iCamp Thailand American-style residential summer camp
Image via iCamp Thailand

The diverse range of fun activities available at iCamp Thailand ensures that your kids can try their hand at different things and discover what they truly enjoy. Your kids can try different sports like football, basketball, tennis, swimming, or even rock climbing. Moreover, they can explore their artistic side through arts and crafts or even find a passion for performing on stage through dancing or acting. With experienced instructors guiding them every step of the way, kids have the chance to learn and improve their abilities in a supportive environment.

Top 6 reasons you should send your kids to an American-Style summer camp in Thailand | News by Thaiger
Image via iCamp Thailand

iCamp Thailand offers all these 6 benefits and more for an all-inclusive price of 30,000 THB per kid per session. Safety is their utmost concern, backed by years of experience and a wide range of camp activities. Apart from summer camps, iCamp Thailand offers diverse programmes, including international school residential trips and corporate excursions. This showcases their versatility and expertise in organising various types of camps.

Below are the session dates for 2024:

  • Session 1: June 23 to 29
  • Session 2: June 30 to July 6
  • Session 3: July 7 to 13
  • Session 4: July 14 to 20
  • Session 5: July 21 to 27
  • Session 6: July 28 to August 3

Sign up for a session by completing the form on iCamp Thailand’s website.

If you want to learn more about the American-style residential camp, check out our article on the fun activities your kids will love at iCamp Thailand.



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