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Craving authentic New York-style hotdogs? House of Hotdogs, Bangkok’s leading Hotdog specialist, serves the best of this simple yet irresistible street food. The harmonious blend of the tender, succulent sausage, nestled in a slightly chewy bun, topped off with special gravy, heaps of sauerkraut and tangy mustard, indeed takes you back to the Big Apple.

The Thaiger team got to enjoy the delicious (hot) dogs at our staff party, and we can attest that you get the best fix for your New York street food craving at House of Hotdogs.

But the best part is yet to come; you can build your own House Dog. Yes, instead of limiting your tastebuds to New York, why not be adventurous? Build your own House Dog or try one of their signature International House Hot Dogs like the Texas Hotdog, Paris Hotdog, Mexican Hotdog, Bangkok Hotdog, Tokyo Hotdog or Jamaican Hotdog.

House of Hotdogs
PHOTO: Texas Hotdog

Build your own House Dog

The hotdog specialist provides various condiments, from classic ketchup and mustard to their signature homemade BBQ sauce, cheese sauce, sriracha mayonnaise, jerk sauce, pickle relish, cheddar cheese, truffle mayo, fresh onions, jalapeno peppers, and so much more. Top it off with their irresistible BBQ Australian beef, Japanese curry, Jamaican jerk chicken, Thai kra pao chicken & beef, or their delectable cheesy beans. With endless options, experiment and build your own signature House Dog unique to your liking. It’s your hotdog, your way!

International House Hotdogs

House of Hotdogs
PHOTO: International House Hotdogs

If you feel less creative but still want to embark on a culinary adventure, order the pre-crafted signature International House dogs! Choose from the 7 International House Hotdogs of your choice which are based on major cities in the world: New York, Texas, Mexican, Tokyo, Bangkok, Paris and Jamaican.

International Hotdog Eating Contest at House of Hotdogs

Try the signature dogs at the restaurant in Nana Square Mall, or you can choose to get it delivered to your doors from FoodPanda, Grab Food, Lineman, and Shopee Food. There are vegetarian options too! On a side note, if you are searching for more vegetarian food options in Thailand, check out this Instagram account.

Drop by House of Hotdogs on the 3rd floor of Nana Square Mall in Sukhumvit Soi 3.

Call 083-076-4461 to order your (hot) dogs or click HERE to browse their extensive menu.

See what the hotdog specialists are up to at the House of Hotdog on their social media handles and website:

Facebook | Instagram | Website


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