Chon Buri governor orders nightly closures and requests residents to stay at home

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With Covid-19 still on the rise in Chon Buri, the governor imposed new disease control measures ordering nightly business closures and officially requesting residents to stay at home from 9pm to 4am, unless travel is essential. The order goes into effect today. The restrictions are in place until the Covid-19 situation in Chon Buri improves.

Chon Buri, which includes Pattaya, is classified by the Thai government as a “red” zone under maximum control to combat the spread of the coronavirus. Some restrictions, such as nightlife venue closures, remain in effect.

While the stay at home order appears to be more of a request, Pattaya News says there could be checkpoints and people who travel during the nightly hours might be asked to provide documents or proof of their reason to travel.

Restrictions include…

  • Gas stations, restaurants, food carts of all types, department stores, retail, convenience stores, markets, massage shops, pools, water parks, game and internet cafes, amulet shops, beauty clinics, and tattoo studios must be closed from 9pm to 4am.
  • Residents are requested to stay at home from 9pm to 4am and only travel during these hours if it is necessary.
  • Alcohol sales are prohibited from 8pm to 4am. Parties and other gatherings were people are drinking alcohol are also prohibited during these hours. Restaurants are also still prohibited from serving alcohol.
  • Nightlife venues remain closed as well as other venues included in prior orders like cinemas and amusement parks.

SOURCE: Pattaya News

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