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    Flowing frustration: Mysterious water bill surge drowns Thai homeowner in questions

    A baffling water bill totalling 2,428 baht has left 42 year old homeowner seeking answers from the Metropolitan Waterworks Authority (MWA). Despite living in a three-person household with modest water usage, homeowner Kalya Kanfeun usually pays less than 200 baht per month. A news team last night visited Kalya’s residence at 161, Moo 11, Klong Darn Subdistrict, Bang Bo District,…

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    Buriram residents bewildered by backdated water bills up to 9 years old

    In Thailand’s northeast province of Buriram, inhabitants of Ban Dan district are left in confusion as they are being billed for water usage dating back six to nine years. Appearing across each village, these bills have sparked controversy, with municipality staff explaining that the payment must be collected. The complaints escalated as residents within the Ban Dan area, in some…