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    Vet shares unusual tale of pet pig choking on pork meatball on TikTok (video)

    A bizarre incident occurred when a local villager brought his pet pig to a vet in a fertiliser sack, after it choked on a pork meatball, yesterday, December 20. The incident was shared on TikTok by user @naynaykung019, who happens to be the treating veterinarian. The video clip shows the pet pig owner seeking help, stating that his pet pig…

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    Paws for concern: Unlicensed vet accused in Nonthaburi pet death scandal

    A dog owner complained to a veterinary clinic in Nonthaburi, alleging that an unlicensed vet performed a sterilisation operation on his pet, which subsequently died. The 36 year old owner, Songwut Sammawutikun, has sought an investigation into whether the individual who conducted the operation was, in fact, a qualified veterinarian. Songwut Sammawutikun disclosed that his three year old Thai-breed female dog, named…

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    Mysterious man terrorises Thai vet, police late to respond

    A mysterious man terrorised a veterinarian living and working at her animal clinic in Thailand’s Rayong province. The vet called the police, and the 191 emergency line was busy. The police arrived hours later but said they could not detain the suspect because he was “out of control.” The vet was alarmed when an unidentified man, approximately 25 to 30…