• World News

    British trans comedian Darcie Silver dies unexpectedly in Thailand at 35

    Darcie Silver, a trans comedian from Britain who hit the spotlight with her groundbreaking performance at the renowned Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2019, met an untimely demise in Thailand at the tender age of 35. The specifics surrounding her sudden departure remain as yet unknown. However, what is undeniably clear is the profound impact Silver managed to leave behind, courtesy…

  • Hot News

    A question that matters: What is a woman?

    The question that had so many politicians stumped recently, a question that five years ago would make you think, why are you asking me such an obvious question? Well, it’s not 2018 anymore and the definition of a woman is no longer based on chromosomes and one’s ability to menstruate and mother a child. As we see in the recent…

  • Crime News

    Trans suspect allegedly snatches cash and gold from Russians in Pattaya (video)

    A transgender suspect allegedly snatched cash and gold necklaces from a Russian couple in Pattaya earlier this week. Officers took the suspect into custody at the Pattaya Police Station on charges of stealing 2,500 baht in cash and two gold necklaces from 51 year old Nikolay Smirnova and 51 year old Elena Smirnova. According to the couple, the suspect approached…