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  • Phuket News

    Phuket police apprehend duo for vandalising Russian tour buses

    The tranquil island of Phuket was shaken as two men were seized by police for allegedly vandalising Russian tour buses. The duo was said to be receiving a bounty of 1,000 baht for each vehicle they damaged using a slingshot and ball bearings. They managed to wreak havoc on ten buses before their arrest. The arrests were made following a…

  • Road deaths

    Tour bus crash in Kanchanaburi kills 2, leaves over 30 injured

    A tour bus carrying over 60 tourists from Ang Thong province, Thailand, overturned near the ‘100 Corpse Curve’ of Turtle Mountain in Kanchanaburi province, leaving two people dead and injuring more than 30. The injured were initially treated at nearby hospitals before being transferred to the regional hospital in Kanchanaburi. Colonel Thotsaphon Chaiyakomin, Governor of Kanchanaburi province, and Thanayot Hirunyanetr, District…

  • Road deaths

    Pattaya motorcyclist dies from crashing into tour bus after reportedly running red light

    Another motorcyclist has lost his life in Thailand‘s ongoing plague of road accidents. A motorcyclist died after crashing into a tour bus after he reportedly ran a red light on Sukhumvit Road in Pattaya. The accident occurred at 1.20am yesterday. Police and rescuers arrived on the scene to find a white Scooby I completely destroyed. The motorcyclist, 35 year old…