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    Dessert cafes in Bangkok you need to try (2022)

    If you have a sweet tooth, you are lucky because Bangkok is no stranger to delicious desserts. Cakes, pastries, cookies and ice cream – the city has it all, and you can find charming dessert cafes across the city. Each dessert cafe brims with delicate, lavish, but delicious treats that anyone will enjoy. Here are some of the best ones.…

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    Roti Sai Mai, what is it and where to get it?

    Thanks to Blackpink’s Lalisa “Lisa” Manoban and her massive selling power, Roti Sai Mai is now trending globally. After the K-Pop superstar posted a video on her Instagram account showing her rolling up one of the snacks, fans raced out to buy it. Sellers outside the Ayutthaya Hospital even reported that customer numbers spiked overnight. But what is Roti Sai…

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    Fancy mango sticky rice? Try these delicious sticky rice desserts

    The simple yet incredibly delicious combination of sticky rice and mango (mango sticky rice) has caught the world’s attention following a famous Thai rapper, Milli’s remarkable performance at Coachella, where she devours the beloved Thai dessert on stage. Since then, the mango sticky rice vendor’s sales have gone through the roof! Evidently, many of us caught the so-called “mango sticky…

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    Mango sticky rice of death? | This is Thailand

    Mango sticky rice or Khao Niao Mamuang is a traditional Thai dessert and Did you know the word “Mango Sticky rice” was slang in Thai, meaning “to be murdered!!”?

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    Thailand goes crazy for mango sticky rice, after Thai rapper Milli’s Coachella stunt

    Mango sticky rice is in the international spotlight after a young Thai rapper promoted the popular dessert during her raunchy performance at the Coachella music festival. Now the Cultural Promotion Department is planning to propose that mango stick rice is “an intrinsic part of Thai culture”, to be included on the list of Thailand’s ‘UNESCO intangible cultural heritage’. The 19…

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    Dealing with Omicron, Opening the southern border, penis park | Good Morning Thailand | Ep.146

    In today’s episode Jay, Tim and Natty discuss about dealing with Omicron, opening the southern border, royal pardons, penis park, and ‘retire quickly PM’.

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    Phuket Thai food treats you need to try | VIDEO

    Nimz, our new Thaiger Vlogger takes you on a tour of some uniquely Phuket foods, although you may find them in other provinces these days as well. A lot of southern Thai food can be very spicy and features a lot of seafood, but Nimz went for the ‘less’ spicy (mai phet) options. Tell us about your favourite Thai treats…