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    Lone diner’s surprise birthday celebration at Mamaonom bar goes viral (video)

    A touching scene unfolded at the Mamaonom Bar in Ratchaburi Province when staff members surprised a lone customer on her birthday. The young woman, dining alone on her special day, was moved to tears as the team gathered around her to sing birthday songs and present her with a cake. The bar shared the heartwarming video on its social media…

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    Vietnamese husband’s surprise birthday party touches hearts online

    A heartfelt gesture by a loving husband has warmed hearts online. Despite their modest means, he managed to throw a surprise birthday party for his wife. This event, filled with warmth and love, was reported on the Vietnamese website and has since gone viral on social media. The surprise birthday party video captured an emotional and adorable moment between…

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    Thai man’s surprise cake for girlfriend backfires, netizens react

    A Thai man‘s attempt to surprise his girlfriend with a cake quickly turned awry when the sweet treat arrived with its icing text scattered and unreadable. Social media users expressed both amusement and sympathy for the man who shared the incident on the consumer group “We are Consumers.” The man had intended to surprise his girlfriend with the cake, but…