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    Thailand’s Ghost Tower: A haunting legacy of opulence left in ruins (video)

    Sathorn Unique Tower, eerily dubbed the Ghost Tower, remains an unfinished, forsaken, and unloved edifice, 33 years after its inception in the heart of Thailand’s capital city, Bangkok. Construction of the opulent 49-storey skyscraper kicked off in 1990 with the grand vision of accommodating Thailand’s most affluent families, yet it languishes in a state of perpetual emptiness. The towering structure…

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    Sathorn Bangkok: Thailand neighbourhood guide 2023

    Explore Bangkok’s flourishing Sathorn area, which combines business and leisure. This region is quickly growing and features luxurious homes, fine dining, and modern hotels. Largely known as a Central Business District, Sathorn is a prominent location, home to recognisable landmarks, and has great access to the rest of the city. The district is a secret gem for both tourists and…

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    Hotels in Sathorn offering luxurious stay

    Sathorn – the ultimate destination for both merry-makers and business moguls intending to revel in the delights of Bangkok. As the beating heart of the city’s financial and entrepreneurial sectors, Sathorn is not just all work and no play. In fact, it flaunts an assortment of classy restaurants, nifty cafés, illustrious landmarks, and vivacious hotspots for the high-spirited folk. Moreover,…