• China News

    10 dead after school gym roof collapse in China’s Qiqihar City

    The roof of a school gymnasium in Qiqihar City, located in northeast China‘s Heilongjiang Province, collapsed yesterday, leading to the death of 10 people. One person remains unaccounted for and trapped in the rubble. The incident, which took place over the weekend, affected 19 people who were in the gym at the time. The rescue unit reported… “Around 160 firefighters,…

  • Central Thailand News

    Large seabird finds refuge on Nonthaburi roof

    A large seabird found a refuge on a roof in Thailand’s central Nonthaburi province. At 5.30pm yesterday, a 63 year old Thai resident of Lebanese descent, Nadim Salhani, reported a large seabird perching on his home’s roof in Sai Ma sub-district of the main city district. Nadim’s children, 24 year old Kamin, and 26 year old Palisa, alerted him to…