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    A forgetful husband tests marriage after accidently abandoning his wife on a road trip after taking a quick leak

    For richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, till death us do part, and in an emergency toilet break situation, every marriage is tested to some degree. And, an absent-minded husband truly tested the strength of his marriage on a road trip last week. He pulled over by the roadside to quickly take a leak before climbing back into…

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    Best places to take a road trip in Thailand

    Going on a road trip is one of the best ways to experience Thailand. Travelling by car provides visitors with an understanding of the Thai way of life, from limitless palm trees to neighbourhood communities. Furthermore, having complete control over your itinerary makes it simple to stop whenever you want and take in everything you want along the journey. Additionally,…

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    Best places to take a road trip in Thailand

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    22 year old woman dies after running into parked truck in Pattaya

    PHOTO: Ruk Siam News / รักสยาม นิวส์ A 22 year old woman, riding alone on a motorbike with a group of four others on three motorcycles, heading home to a seaside resort, collided with the back of a ten-wheeler truck. The incident happened near the Ban Na bridge in Nong Prue at 3.30am early Monday. Police say the truck was parked…

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    Indian and Pakistani rob foreigner on road trip to Pattaya

    PHOTOS; INN News The Immigration Police have arrested a pair of foreign criminals after robbing a fellow foreigner on a road trip to Pattaya from Bangkok. The two men made friendly contacts with their victims before arranging to meet and robbing them. Mohammad, a man from Pakistan, and Kuldip, a man from India, have been charged with robbery. In this…