• Thailand News

    Saudi Arabian man reunites with Thai nanny after 20 years (video)

    A 33 year old Saudi Arabian man reunited with his former Thai babysitter after searching for her for over 20 years. He wished to express gratitude for her care during his childhood. Several Thai media outlets shared the story of the 33 year old Saudi Arabian man, Ali Bokhari, and his Thai babysitter, 77 year old Banyen Thongchaitanawut, after they…

  • Pattaya News

    Thai mother accuses nanny of causing brain injury to her 5 month old baby

    A 29 year old Thai mother from Pattaya believes her five month old daughter’s alleged brain injuries were inflicted by the nanny she hired to help care for her child. The baby is currently receiving treatment for internal bleeding and brain swelling at Chon Buri Hospital, with her mother, Apinya Chaemsawang, suspecting the nanny to be responsible for the injuries.…