• Automotive

    Top 5 go-to car brands in Thailand

    Navigating Thailand’s dynamic car market can feel a bit like a journey without a road map, given the country’s unique mix of city commuters, rural dwellers, and businesses with varying transport needs. Nonetheless, some clear winners have emerged, each offering a range of models that have proven to hit the mark with the locals. So, here are the top five…

  • Economy News

    Year-end bonus frenzy: Thai companies make it rain with envy-inducing rewards

    Over ten renowned Thai companies are set to distribute generous year-end bonuses for 2023, leading to a wave of envy. The highest bonus reported is 7.3 months’ salary plus an additional 37,000 baht. Some of the companies declaring such bonuses include IHI Turbo Thailand, Jtekt (Thailand), Siam Toyota, Siam ATT I-Shin, Trimotive, SIAM DENSO KYOSAN, IJT Thailand, TTK, TBKK, and…