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    Internet users unite to help Thai daughter see her late father’s smile again

    In an act of crowd-sourced kindness, Internet users have rallied together to help a grieving Thai daughter fulfil a heartfelt wish. Online individuals stepped up to aid an Internet user, who goes by the Facebook name Nuni Lovelove, in digitally modifying an image of her late father, whom she lost 19 years ago, bestowing him with a beaming smile. Nuni…

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    Bicycle thief interacts with kind owner who eventually lets him keep it (video)

    A heartwarming video of a Thai woman confronting a bicycle thief has gone viral on social media, garnering nearly a million views. Posted by Tiktok user tai_1138, the clip shows the woman speaking to a man who had stolen her bicycle in a gentle and compassionate manner. @tai_1138♬ เสียงต้นฉบับ – กระต่าย 🐰สายแว๊บ🤭 In the video, she asks the thief where…