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    Top 5 Japanese restaurants in Bangkok

    From izakayas to shabu-shabu to high-end omakase, we can’t get enough of Japanese cuisine! Fortunately, Bangkok has a staggering list of incredible Japanese restaurants. Authentic, new world, and fusion-style Japanese restaurants fill up Bangkok’s dining scene. So whether you want to indulge in delicious sushi and sashimi, try some authentic teppanyaki, or stuff yourself with comforting bowls of ramen and…

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    Tokyo’s Sushiya Nohachi serves world’s smallest sushi at 1500 baht

    Sushiya Nohachi, a sushi restaurant in Tokyo, is redefining the boundaries of culinary art by offering the world’s smallest sushi made with a single grain of rice. The restaurant’s chef, Hironori Ikeno, was inspired to create this unique menu in 2002 when a customer inquired how small he could make it. Ikeno responded with the creation of a single-grain sushi,…