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    Hoofing havoc: Rampaging army horses cause chaos in London

    In a scene straight out of a Hollywood blockbuster, the heart of London turned into a battleground as army horses, spooked during a routine military exercise, broke free and charged through the city streets, pursued by police. The drama unfolded in central London’s Belgravia, where an ordinary morning took a terrifying turn. Eyewitnesses watched in horror as the majestic creatures…

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    Neigh-saying no more: Horse racing chief urges PM to reopen track after four-year hiatus

    Sunthorn Paengpairi, head of the Horse Racing Association in Nakhon Ratchasima, appealed to Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin to reopen a local horse racing track which has been closed for four years. This long-term closure has significantly impacted the livelihood of around 400,000 individuals involved in the industry, leaving them in severe hardship and without means to support their families. On…

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    Horse deaths overshadow Preakness Stakes as Mage seeks Triple Crown

    Concerns over equine safety persist as Mage, the Kentucky Derby winner, prepares for the second leg of the US racing Triple Crown at the Preakness Stakes on Saturday. The recent deaths of seven horses within ten days at Churchill Downs, including two on May 6 during the Kentucky Derby, have cast a shadow over the prestigious event. Another colt was…