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    Engineer’s zero sperm count unveils family lineage mystery

    A 40 year old engineer recently discovered he had a zero sperm count, leading to a shocking revelation about his family’s lineage. Dr Gu Fangyu, a specialist in urology, recounted the case of his patient, who worked in the technology industry and suffered from infertility. After a thorough examination, the engineer was diagnosed with congenital absence of the Vas deferens,…

  • Thailand News

    Thai’ed down: Fertility crisis set to halve Thailand’s population in six decades

    Thailand’s population is predicted to plummet by half over the ensuing six decades due to a mounting fertility crisis. This alarming situation has spurred the Ministry of Public Health to instigate measures to encourage pregnancy and subsequently manage the drastic demographic shift that the country is poised to face. The Public Health Minister, Cholnan Srikaew, highlighted yesterday, October 30 that…

  • World News

    China prioritizes education, tech for skilled population and moderate fertility

    China is emphasizing the importance of education, science, and technology in developing a skilled population, as the state-backed People’s Daily reported that the country aims for a “moderate fertility” level to support economic growth. The Chinese government has been concerned about the nation’s first population decline in six decades and its rapid ageing, prompting urgent measures to raise the birth…